Lice removal is a relatively new industry and we are proud to say we began to develop the market years ago. As leaders in the industry, we are focused on providing the highest level of quality care and we follow a standardized lice removal system. We use all natural organic essential oil to remove super lice. No need to pay for expensive equipment, gadgets or expensive services. Through our controlled and systematic delivery of reduction combing and the use of exclusive topical solutions you will be lice free faster and safer than any other method. All of our clinicians are fully trained and receive regular testing. You are in good hands with us – and we treat you like family!

How do you get rid of head lice?

There are few proven methods of removing head lice naturally. Even super lice which are resistant to over the counter products:

  1. Reduction combing. Works Every time. 

  2. Enzyme shampoo. The Standard head lice solution used by professionals

  3. Minerals Head Lice Solution. The Premium head lice solution used only by professionals

  4. Oil Soaks using Coconut or olive oil 

How much does lice removal cost?


Our service is $95 dollars per hour with 1 hour minimum. We have 15 minute increments after the first hour.


How long does lice removal take?


Professional lice removal services take as little as 1 hour up to 2 hours per person depending on the severity of the infestation and the length and thickness of the hair. Head Lice Removal is all we do and we have become very efficient.


Does lice removal hurt?

Lice removal does not hurt. A good quality lice comb with the proper tolerances between the long tines is designed to work effectively on all hair types. We also use oil during our combing process making lice removal very comfortable. Some people are more sensitive to lice removal but if done by a professional service provider it is a painless experience. In fact many clients say they feel like they are getting a spa treatment and that the after-effect is soft, shiny and well-conditioned hair. 

Will the lice come back?

We guarantee our service for two weeks after the re-check. All family members must be checked at the time of your treatment. 

How Does our Lice Removal Service Work?

We offer a professional head lice removal service that is safe, cost effective and works! Our removal method includes applying all natural oil in followed by a thorough reduction wet-combing using our specialized Louse terminator comb.

How long does the combing take?

It typically takes about one hour to comb out one person’s hair. This time varies with the length and thickness of hair and the severity of the case.

How long does it take to get an appointment?

We strive to help people as soon as the service can be arranged. We know how quickly you want your family lice-free. We usually can provide you a same day appointments. Appointments are available during the day, evening, weekend and holidays. For bookings, call us at 310-447-1928.

Are multiple appointments needed?

No. We do recommend a follow up appointment but if you want to do the follow up yourself we offer you a one time head lice solution and fully educate you on any follow up required based on the level of service you choose.

Is it private?

Yes, lice removal is a private service and we pride ourselves on our ‘confidentiality guarantee’. We do not advertise on consultant vehicles during mobile visits. Although it is our mission to stop the stigma associated with head lice, we guarantee confidentiality in recognition of our clients’ right to privacy.

What about lice in my house?

Lice is NOT an environmental issue. This means that lice are not living in the home, in the beds, in the carpets, etc. Lice only lay their eggs in the human hair near the scalp where it is warm and humid. Lice can only live a day or two in the environment as they must have a blood meal from the head to survive. In terms of environmental care, all that is required is vacuuming anywhere the head might rest (back of the couch, car seat, etc.) and changing the bedding as well as recently worn clothing. Again, this is a precaution as lice are not living in the home.

How do people get head lice?

Lice are transmitted by direct contact (head to head, head to item) and lice don’t hop, jump or fly. People get lice from other people usually because they have close contact (e.g. sleeping together, hugging, sitting close together at school) or share items such as hats, brushes, etc.

How can I prevent another case of head lice?


You can use natural essential oils sprays. They are not only great for head lice relief but also great for vacation and hiking needs. There are good preventive measures to help protect you and your family. Braid the hair or tie it in a ponytail or wear long hair in a bun. A little hairspray to secure any flyaway hair is helpful. Washing the hair with a tea-tree oil based shampoo is a traditional preventive measure as is spritzing the hair with a solution of water and tea tree oil. Avoid head-to-head contact with anyone with an active case. Do not share hair brushes or hair accessories. Ensure your children also don’t share hats, helmets or head coverings.

How are the lice and nits disposed of?

Lice die 24 to 48 hours once removed from the head. Our sanitation policy requires us to dispose of lice and lice eggs by placing them in a sealed bag and disposing of them immediately following service.

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