Lice in school

We understand the urgency of a school infestation and have an entire team of trained technicians who can come on-site and evaluate the level of infestation. We act empathetically and reassuringly to screen the children and will provide parents with a treatment plan that involves information about head lice removal and what products should be applied. For schools that allow it, we can also provide on-site removal upon request. Please call us if you have any questions or if you need to make an appointment.

Lice Treatment in Camps


Nothing can ruin a camp experience more quickly than an infestation of lice among campers. Because lice infestation at camps are so common, camp leaders usually establish " a lice control policy." They also assert :" lice infestation needs to be treated quickly." 

On-Site Camp Treatments

We can come to your location within hours of receiving a call. Our team is trained to act sensitively and will inspect campers, one by one and will remove all lice and nits off of their hair. 

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