Head lice shampoos can be highly toxic, they can be full of unapproved chemicals; plus head lice are immune to the chemicals in over the counter shampoos. The diagnosis of head lice can be stressful; experienced lice removal services like NitsyPixies utilize a highly effective procedure of combing and manual nit picking. It is safe, free of hazards, and guarantees your child will be back to school as soon as possible. You will be given a Head Lice Treatment Certificate. Your children are able to go back to school and camp without a threat of spreading lice. We provide services in Los Angeles and surrounding areas, Hollywood, Marina Del Rey, Manhattan Beach, West Los Angles, Long Beach, Orange County.


Manual Removal

Our method of combing and manual nitpicking ensures lice free hair. Our recommendation for follow up appointment is 3 to 5 business days. The average time for a shoulder length hair is an hour with moderate infestation.

After our technician arrives, he/she will perform multiple steps of combing with special oil. The technician may ask for paper towels and water, your hair will be oiled and it might be better to keep it oiled for one night. After the first schedule, it's recommended to schedule a recheck within 9 days. The second appointment will confirm no eggs (nits) in your hair. 

Benefits of In-Home Services

  • Screening in a relaxed environment

  • Privacy and confidentiality is 100% guaranteed

  • On-site environmental assessment and education

  • Head checks for the whole family

  • No lengthy procedure

  • Security knowing our professionals are fully trained, screened and dedicated to helping you and your family

  • A certified letter that can be taken back to your child’s school, camp or daycare

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